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Established in 2011, Wealthmed is a financial planning practice specializing in integrated advice for medical, dental, and allied health professionals.

Wealthmed opened it’s doors in January 2011 with a small dedicated team of three, providing guidance on financial planning, superannuation, investment choices, risk management, loan structuring and property investment. Today, our team has grown to 28 and we have expanded our services to “Everything Financial”.

Our team deals with professional complexity and financial challenges our clients face every day. We identify our client’s financial needs, and design strategies with our collective expertise to help our clients have the best life possible with the money they have while they are here. We know that the right financial guidance can set our clients up for life!

With decades of professional experience our team makes a real difference to the lives of our clients.

The Wealthmed Journey

The Start

A Multi-Disciplinary Firm.

That was always the goal when Scott, Carolyn & Albert founded Wealthmed in 2011 and what we wanted to Wealthmed to become.

The advice version of a private hospital, a union of specialists providing the highest level of support to doctors across accounting, investing, finance, business services and more.

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The Goal

Specialist Deserve Specialists

Drawing on our experience we wanted to specialize in specific financial services to support medical and allied health staff to provide a coordinated case managed approach to financial advice.

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The Principles

The principles behind what we do.

That we’ve expanded that starting team of team three staff to a vibrant team of twenty-one is reward for the belief in a few important things.

  • To bring together the best accountants, financial advisers and property specialists we could.
  • Ensure each and every person is dedicated to clients first and everything else a very distant second.
  • To tailor work on a case-by-case basis and make sure everything we did was integrated.
  • To make it about achieving clear goals and doing it for those we know how to help best.

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The team

Which got us to where we are now.

Local professionals helping medical professionals to manage what they need to succeed.

A coordinated approach under one roof including: tax and accounting, insurance and risk management, property investment, finance, and business management.

Meet the team


Scott Guildford


Carolyn Bindon


Albert Borzillo

Director & Accounting

Financial Planners

Joanne Tinetti

Senior Financial Adviser

Michael Schnabel

Certified Financial Planner

Kym Vivian

Senior Financial Adviser

Rory O'Neill

Financial Adviser

Matthew Roberts

Associate Adviser

Dennis Prekodravac

Associate Adviser

Research & Compliance

Nigel Baron

Investment & Compliance Manager

ax & Accounting

Katrina Dickens

Senior Accountant

Aaron Sheppard


Julius Burhan

Senior Accountant

Property & Finance

Anna Guildford

Business Manager

Doug Scragg

Property Specialist

Todd Clarke

Senior Mortgage and Finance Broker

Hayden Strathearn

Mortgage Broker

Liz Laing

Loan Writer

Laine Bagnall

Finance Coordinator

Veronica Rigby

Property Administration Assistant


Bianca Webb

Human Resources Manager

Client Services Support

Dee Stariha

Reception and Administration

Kelly McLean

Client Service Manager

Christine Elia

Client Liaison Officer

Greg MacQueen

Implementation Specialist

Kate Adamson

Implementation Specialist

Adele Thompson

Implementation Specialist

Meet the team